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Invest in your employees and their wellbeing because when people feel good they can do great things!

Do you want your employees to learn about health and nutrition? Or perhaps you are organising a Wellness Week and are looking for a speaker?Whatever the occasion this might be just what you're looking for.

What we eat and how we live has a big impact on our day-to-day lives including our energy levels, our performance at work, at the gym, our sleep and stress levels.

This service will help your employees understand why they feel the way they feel and what they could do to improve their lifestyle. 

Some examples include: 

"How to lose fat in a healthy way"

In this workshop the audience will learn about the risks of excess body fat, the real reasons behind fat gain but also how to create healthy habits and apply change.

"House of Carbs"

This talk is all about the carbohydrates that everyone is so scared of at the moment. We will bust some of the top myths and learn why carbohydrates should be part of our diet.

"Stressed is desserts spelled backwards"

In this workshop we will discuss what stress is and how it impacts our mental and physical health and how we can manage it better.


"Amazing! Love the quiz and information. Thank you!"

"Enjoyed it. Light hearted and fun but also educational. Learned some key pieces of information that I can use."

"Engaging presentation! Humorous!"

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