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I’m Aleks. I grew up in Warsaw, Poland and moved to Bristol, UK in 2004. I love it here and I feel very much at home.

I’m passionate about helping women find balance, feel their best and lose weight without feeling restricted. Life isn’t about constant dieting, punishments, regrets and shame. I want to show you that you can achieve your goals but at the same time enjoy the journey.

It took me some time to get to where I am now. Like many of us, I tried various diets and didn’t allow myself certain foods - only to then hoover them all in one evening and feel guilty shortly after. I know the cycle very well.


Oftentimes, it isn’t our diet that’s a problem. Don’t get me wrong, understanding nutrition - how food is stored and used in our bodies, why certain foods are more nutritious than others and what can influence our energy and hunger levels - is key to making better decisions that support our goals. However, what we eat, when and how we eat, can be a result of our emotional state, our environment or learned behaviours that we might not even be aware of. Untying everything takes time but it’s worth spending this time to learn about nutrition, find what works for you, what makes you feel your best and implement helpful habits to create a life that you’re happy with.

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Weight Loss Coach completing a marathon

I also have a particular interest in mental health. After a traumatic event, I went through life with low self-esteem, little self-belief or self-worth, which I was compensating for firstly with cigarettes and alcohol, and later with excessive exercise and dieting. I developed PTSD many years later which completely threw me off and made me feel defeated. This is when I decided to start therapy. Regular exercise, nutritious food, good sleep and a daily routine was something I could control at this time and it helped me a lot as I was trying to understand my emotions and allow myself to process everything.


This experience allowed me to get to know myself better and made me realise how having healthy habits in place can provide some space for other things that need our immediate attention. It also made me be more understanding and empathetic when speaking to friends, family and clients about their own experiences.

I often say that everyone has something - their own story, their own struggles and their own baggage. With so many plates to spin, losing weight, creating new habits and improving your lifestyle can feel overwhelming. This is what I can help with. You’re not on your own. I’ll be your personal cheerleader until you feel empowered to cheer yourself on. I’ll be your driving instructor who will sit next to you until you feel confident enough to hit the road on your own. With just one life, you deserve to live it to the full and go through it with a smile on your face.

Weight Loss Coach drinking a smoothie in the kitchen


To educate women who are ready to improve their overall wellness through habit change and science-based nutrition, not current diet trends. To empower them to make better decisions that support their health goals and show them the way.

I bring my toolbox full of knowledge and expertise, provide a safe space to learn, discover what makes you feel your best, in order to design and build the life that you've always wanted.  

To be a guiding hand to women who feel exhausted and defeated, to help them find a balance that’s theirs and nobody else’s and set them free from endless dieting, once and for all.



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