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Weight Loss Caloric Planner


If you are looking to lose weight but are not sure how many calories your body requires in order to do so this planner is for you. It will help you calculate the amount of calories your body needs to function (Basal Metabolic Rate), your maintenance calories and your weight loss calories. 

This will give you an estimate amount of calories you should be consuming daily in order to achieve your goals. You can then use apps like MyFitnessPal to track your intake. Check your results after a couple of weeks and adjust accordingly.

The safe weekly rate of weight loss is between 0.5kg and 1kg, that’s 1 and 2 pounds a week. However, for some people weight loss in the first week might even be 2kg (4 pounds) or more. This depends on the person’s starting weight, body fat mass, body muscle mass, physical activity, age, gender, water retention profile and many other circumstances.

*The information provided here does not guarantee weight loss. The calories may need to be reviewed and adjusted depending on the person.

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