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(Em)Power Hour

This is for you if:​​

  • You're feeling stuck and need some guidance and don't want to commit to the longer term program  

  • If you previously undertaken any of my nutrition coaching services and need a little "top up"  

  • If you need a little help every now and then

What this session is for:

  • To discuss your goals and the steps that you can take to help you achieve it

  • To help you overcome any obstacles and move closer towards your goals 

  • To answer your nutrition and lifestyle related questions

Session format:

  • The session is held over a phone call or a ZOOM meeting, depending on your preference

  • You'll be asked to complete a questionnaire before the session to help me understand the problems you are struggling with, so we don't waste any time during the session and can dive in straight into solutions

(Em)Power Hour

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