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Sun-Dried Omelette


  • 3 chestnut mushrooms, chopped

  • 6 baby plum tomatoes, cut in half

  • Half an avocado, cut into chunks

  • Spring onion 10g, sliced

  • 1 medium gherkin, cut into chunks

  • 2 sun-dried tomatoes, rinsed with boiling water

  • 4 medium eggs

  • 1 Tbsp olive oil


Heat the oil on a medium heat. Add the mushrooms and fry for 5-7 minutes. Next add the tomatoes, gherkin and sun-dried tomatoes. Cook for further 3-5 minutes. Now add the eggs and mix well with all the ingredients in the pan. Add the avocado and spring onion. Season with salt and pepper. Let it cook on a small heat for about 10 minutes. To cook the top either flip the omelette or put under the grill until cooked and golden.

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