1 to 1 Diet and Lifestyle Coaching

Healthy assortment of yellow foods

Do you find yourself:

  • Experiencing sugar cravings and dips in energy throughout the day?

  • Struggling to get back control?

  • Tired of dieting and feeling like a failure every time you quit?

  • Confused about what to eat with so much information around?

Optimal health and wellness is achieved when we align our environment, body and spirit as one. As your Nutritional Coach, I’m committed to empowering you to live a better and healthier life through a personalized programme so you can rise to your true potential. Together, we’ll push boundaries and find new and better ways to achieve your goals.

Whether you are looking to lose or manage weight, or just improve your diet, there are so many ways Fitalicious Nutrition can help you do so. Take a look at the health services offered below to find the one that suits you best.

Each programme provides:

  • Science and psychology led approach to promote motivation for change and positive weight control

  • Food diary analysis and recommendations for adjustments

  • Personal 1-2-1 coaching support

  • Nutrition education and bespoke topics

  • Online support to fit in with your schedule

  • Individual solutions tailored to your  lifestyle and food tastes

  • Email/phone support throughout the programme

Main benefits you’ll experience:

  • Learn how to make lasting changes, taking into consideration your goals, values and lifestyle

  • Understand nutrition and how it plays a major role in your health

  • Learn to manage practicalities - menu planning, food shopping and preparation

  • Take back control, get clarity and be happier!


Not sure which programme is right for you? Book a free consultation.


Diet and Lifestyle Refresh Programme

4 week programme to give your nutrition and lifestyle a boost

Organic Vegetables

Diet and Lifestyle Renew Programme

12 week programme to help you build new healthy habits around your diet and lifestyle​

Green Beans

Diet and Lifestyle Rebuild Programme

12 months programme to help you lose the excessive weight one step at a time and keep it off for good

Working with Laptop

Power Hour

  • Buy a coaching session as and when you need

  • No commitment

  • No extras