My story

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I have always been an active person. I go to the gym, I go running and do workouts at home. The reason why I exercise has changed a few times during my life. I used to exercise because I wanted to look great. I also used to do it to get fitter and faster for long distance running races. Now, I’m exercising because I want to be fit and healthy but mainly because it helps me relax and clear my head. I love testing the mental strength that is required during the workout but also the euphoric feeling that follows.

However, there was one area with which I struggled and that was food. I tried diets that were well under my daily calorie requirement. I didn’t eat healthily; my diet was high in sugar and processed food. I didn’t know the damage I was doing to my body and I didn’t have the energy to workout regularly, which caused a lack of motivation. Besides that, I had created an unhealthy relationship with food – overindulging occasionally, feeling guilty after a “treat” and at times losing control.

My story with nutrition started around 2015. I began learning about nutrition when I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted in the gym. I quickly learnt that nutrition has a huge impact on our performance, recovery, mood, energy levels and many other areas of our life. I wanted to know more about what to eat and when to eat it for better fitness results.

This is when I decided to do the Advanced Sport and Exercise Nutrition Advisor qualification at Health Sciences Academy. At first, I was doing it for myself, to improve my knowledge about healthy nutrition. I started to test it myself; I tried food I’d never tried before, experimented in the kitchen and started to follow interesting people on Instagram, Facebook from whom I learnt a lot and who inspire me to this day.

I developed a special interest in weight loss and decided to complete another qualification and become a Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner. I am passionate about helping overweight and obese individuals become healthier and happier, improving their confidence and self-esteem along the way. Seeing people progress and change, not only their body but also their mindset, is something that I find very rewarding.

My interest in nutrition expanded further, beyond sport and nutrition, it became a way of life. I made big changes to the way I was eating, to the choices I was making and was astonished with the way it made me feel – energetic, positive, I stopped getting those silly colds, my immune system improved. I felt in control for the first time in my life. I started to enjoy real food, I discovered new flavours, new ingredients and their health benefits. I fell in love with raw desserts! If you haven’t tried I dare you to do so!

I also learnt that mindset has a lot to do with the decisions and choices we make in life. How we feel about ourselves, how we see ourselves, how high or low our self-esteem is. I took a 6-week mindfulness course in order to understand it better. In this short period of time I learnt a lot about myself, about how our brains work and how to better control our thoughts and emotions. I’m a strong believer that active life, good nutrition and mental health are key to healthy and happy life.

In my spare time I enjoy all kinds of activity - from long walks to long runs, bike rides and gym sessions. I also enjoy reading self-development and health books, listening to podcasts and volunteering for local charities.   

I can honestly say, with a smile on my face, that I have found my passion in life. I decided that I wanted to help others feel the same. I wanted to show people that losing weight and eating healthily need not be boring and bland. I wanted to empower people by sharing my knowledge and giving them the right tools for them to be able to make better decisions for themselves. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a learning process and I want to walk that path with my clients and guide them on their journey.